Decline of the.....television?

For the first time since statistics have been recorded, American television ownership has actually decreased. More than a million less people today have a television in their home than did a year ago, even as the total number of households continues to rise. We are told it is because of the economy. I think otherwise.

Let's perform a mental exercise.

I know, I know....who wants to perform a mental exercise?

Well this is actually case-in-point #1. Through our incessant consumption of media, we are trained to avoid mental exercising. Physical exercising, now that makes us look good and has the potential to get you on Jersey Shore so that is more encouraged, never mind the mental health benefits. That's unimportant.

But I digress. Back to the mental exercise. How many media outlets can you name that promote positive, values-based living styles? Where are we told as much about the importance of being a proud, productive member of society as much as the extravagance of some affluent housewives? What news organizations extol the virtues of those 'occupying' various cities with filth, drug use and immoral behavior while condemning another peaceful, responsible, clean movement as racist and a threat to America?

When you ask yourself these questions, conclusions are not hard to come by. It is easy to see that ABC/NBC/CBS/CNN/MSNBC all report the exact same stories with the exact same slanted perspective every single night. It is easy to see the number of 'prime-time shows' that corrupt ones sense of right and wrong. It is easy to see all of the attacks from all angles on Fox News as unbalanced when Fox News is the one mainstream outlet that dissents from all the rest.

If you were to only watch the major nightly news, every story you would hear about a Republican presidential candidate would be negative. Every one will be projected as a bumbling fool that will destroy the country and has no business being in the race all the while failing to give coverage of their respective resumes and just why it is so many people agree with their policies. Contrast that with the coverage of Barack Obama and his extensive resume of community organizing, phantom education and shady associates.

People hear quick soundbites or see headlines of Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity and claim they are racists, morons and bigots without ever having listened to their radio program or seen them speak. Never mind the tens of millions daily that arrange their schedules to hear them or their ratings dominance versus their liberal competition. Why is that?

Why is it that as Europe is failing the majority of the media reports another Federal Reserve bailout as a positive thing, while ignoring the $7.7 TRILLION in secret loans it has made to banks worldwide since 2008? Why is it reported as strong leadership Chancellor Merkel's calls for tighter central European controls? That is like saying Washington D.C. can tell each state what their budget is and what they can spend it on.

Oh, but I guess that is their idea of a positive. More consolidated government control.

More people are seeing the light and turning off their televisions. Much as you will be told doing so puts you in the dark.

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