The New 5 Year Plan

The intellectually-superior liberal Left is at it again. As the economy continues to stagnate amid repressive conditions and global debt crises, one congressional genius has found the ever-elusive and supposed only answer to our job-creating woes.

The remarkable Reverend Jesse Jackson's prodigy, whom has been unfortunately influencing national policy for 16 years, is now proposing that the federal government employ all 15 million of the unemployed in this country. The economic-savant would like each paid $40,000 to participate in civilian conservation corps and something called a Works Progress Administration. Cleaning up communities. Because those pesky unemployed occupiers are definitely swift with the sanitation....

Congressman Jackson Jr. claims the initiative could be a 5 year program. At a cost of only $600 billion. What he does not mention is that this sum is a per year figure, meaning the entire cost of his proposal would be somewhere around $3 TRILLION (or 20% of our national debt). To pay people to sweep streets. Equally. And fairly.

The esteemed legislator also recommends the President circumvent Congressional appropriation processes by using "extraordinary Constitutional means," since Congress is in a state of "rebellion" unseen since the Civil War. Definite justification for further erosion of our Constitution.

Mr. J-cubed apparently thinks that the economy will work itself out by the time the Federal money spigot gets turned off in five years time and that all of these 15 million people will then funnel back into tax-paying, actually productive jobs in the private sector. Or maybe he doesn't. Maybe this is just the beginning of the end of the private work force. I seem to remember Stallin instituting some 5 year plans....

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