The Torture Hypocrisy

One of the political Left's loudest complaints with President Bush was the previous Administration's policy on "Enhanced Interrogation" and detainment procedures related to CIA prisons abroad and more popularly, Guantanamo Bay. Calls of war crimes have been common for both the former President as well as former Vice-President Cheney.

A few months ago, an elite covert operations team performed a raid on a foreign compound based, in part, on intelligence gained from enhanced interrogation of detainees at these military facilities resulting in the execution of Osama bin Laden. No moral outcry was heard in regards to a lack of due process.

Now this past weekend, yet another drone strike has taken out an al Qaeda operative. This time the casualty was an American citizen. Again, no moral outcry. Instead the media elites are offering confused rationalizations

How is it that pouring water over a terrorist's face or making them listen to Eminem is inhuman torture but ordering commando death raids and firing collaterally-damaging rockets that kill American citizens abroad is strong, efficient leadership?

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